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My Color Photos

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M9 + 75/2AA

raumplan 發表於 2014-12-3 23:49:51

a color thread from you, too!support

kgv 發表於 2014-12-3 23:59:47

More please :victory:

bubu 發表於 2014-12-4 00:11:02

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Though you did occasionally post one or two color pictures here and there,
I, at least for the time being, need a bit effort to adjust my strong impression of you being associated only to monotone images.

Having that said, I would love to see more how you execute color images in B&W concept (isn't it what you have said?)

Carson 發表於 2014-12-4 03:59:56


18x24 發表於 2014-12-4 05:48:44

Vince, don't give up. Would like to see more.
The more you take, the better you become.

M3fans 發表於 2014-12-4 09:03:34

you have your support here too
I wish you will find it equally enjoyable as b&w

mingho2281 發表於 2014-12-4 10:18:37


vincecharus 發表於 2014-12-4 17:57:18

Many many thanks to raumplan, K-san, bubu, Carson, 18x24, M3fans, and mingho2281 c-hings for your support, encouragement, and thumbs!


Here is another one.I'm learning as I go along.

M9 + 28/2A

kgv 發表於 2014-12-4 18:04:45


vincecharus 發表於 2014-12-19 22:22:02

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Thanks K-san and bubu- c-hings!


M9 + 28/2A

"Wishing you a Merry Xmas!"

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Thanks K-san and Matthias c-hings!


The painterly look of Leica CCD, to me, is priceless!(please click)

M9 + 90/2AA

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M9 + 28/2A + Leica Universal Polarizer

10 shots stitched into 1

This is far from perfect, but I am learning my way.Please bear with me.

As the direction of the light changed with the angle, I adjusted the polariser as I turned the camera angle. I bent backwards to blend the light of the sky but the light of the water remained banded. Bummer!

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M9 + 28/2A + Leica Universal Polarizer

This single shot, which doesn't have to deal with changing angles of polarization and stitching at the same time, seems to work better.

vincecharus 發表於 2015-1-6 18:37:48

After countless attempts, this is as close as I could get it to work.

Next time, I'm not going to try polarizer, contra jour, and panorama together!

bubu 發表於 2015-1-6 18:49:26

Must be fun to do all these together. Add oil!

vincecharus 發表於 2015-3-13 16:22:21

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Learning the ropes, 再接再厲

S2-P + 70/2.5

ISO 640, f/4.8, 1/180s, handheld, natural light

Post-processing by Lightroom: matte look + very mild split toning added

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S2-P + 70/2.5

ISO 640, f/2.5, 1/125s, handheld, one LED light

Post-processing ditto

vincecharus 發表於 2015-3-13 17:36:30

S2-P + 70/2.5

ISO 640, f/2.5, 1/125s, handheld, natural light

vincecharus 發表於 2015-3-13 18:03:43

S2-P + 70/2.5

ISO 640, f/2.8, 1/125s, handheld, ambient light
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