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(FS) 95%新Nokia Lumia 1520 行機, 白色機, 有單

95%新Nokia Lumia 1520 行機, 白色機
full packing, 有單, 已於Nokia香港區登記保養, 2014年1月買入, 一個月機齡 (只使用左不到一星期)
全機無花, 少用

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kgv 發表於 2014-2-20 14:01:54

又換機 ;P

toys_madman 發表於 2014-2-20 15:01:44


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oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-20 19:51:21

Sold and thx

redrede 發表於 2014-2-20 23:35:35

哎呀過咗澳門未有時間trade 走920.....走寶

oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-20 23:43:43

你部920咩色, 用左幾耐?

redrede 發表於 2014-2-21 09:47:04

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oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-20 23:43
你部920咩色, 用左幾耐?
Mine is red and have just changed all the components (except the red case with buttons) in January 2014 (last month of warranty), and the warranty have extended to April now.

My "old" motherboard (got it about a year ago) had problem on focusing while taking photo, hang "機" and sometime got very hot, but back then there wasn't any red in HK (I have asked my friend to help me ordered with only 75% of its price), I wait until near the end of the warranty, then they simply changed the components (not even bother to fix it and got it back 2 days later) and I'm waiting until my warranty expire, the phone works fine now without any problem.

redrede 發表於 2014-2-21 09:51:14

Why change back to 920? 1520 supposes to be much better {:4_107:}

oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-21 10:27:14

咁多年我都係單手操控, 1520必須係雙手的....
我手細, 單手連電話都打唔到

oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-21 10:27:44

redrede 發表於 2014-2-21 09:47
Mine is red and have just changed all the components (except the red case with buttons) in January...

噢...如果你部機係黃或白, 我會有興趣買.....

kgv 發表於 2014-2-21 10:39:32

oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-21 10:27
噢...如果你部機係黃或白, 我會有興趣買.....

叫 宮崎San 幫你 改色 咪得咯 ;P

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oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-21 12:05:41

過左保啦好似, 同埋我個部無單, 所以無保養傢

redrede 發表於 2014-2-21 19:20:25


oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-21 22:34:26

電池? 920 無得換電傢喎....

redrede 發表於 2014-2-22 08:18:34

oliveryeung 發表於 2014-2-21 22:34
電池? 920 無得換電傢喎....

Sorry, 我指M6, M7, MP 嗰幾粒電池,留咗比你影多D星軌㗎{:4_102:}
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