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春睡 (Updated on 22 April 2019)

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春眠不覺曉 ...... :P

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重以爲有 ”海棠春睡“ 正片睇 。。。:P

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重以爲有 ”海棠春睡“ 正片睇 。。。


bubu 發表於 2019-4-7 23:55:17

幸福的狗, great shot!

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幸福的狗, great shot!
bubu Hing,

Long time no see. Thanks for your encouragement.

My beloved has turned 12 in January and has received an operation after the CNY. She has recovered but is getting older and weaker than before. Obviously, neither she nor any of us can beat the law of nature. Really hope she can maintain healthy and accompany me for a couple more years.

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唉 ~ 老狗 = 睡魔,没法 ;P

This one was taken by M240 + Summaron 50/f2 radioactive thorium glass.


By M240 + Tanaka Kogaku Tanar 35/f2.8 at full open.
As far as I understood, this little lens was produced in 1950s with a total production of less than 900.

The next two below were shot by M240 + Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-P 85/f2 at wide open.



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C hing
pardon me for jamming one
A fat cat dozzing away in my friend's house in Vancouver

(taken by Huawei P30pro)

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C hing
pardon me for jamming one
A fat cat dozzing away in my friend's house in Vancouver

I am using Huawei as well.

The camera on it is really amazing ;-D
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