Pandachief 發表於 2018-7-15 12:28:00

Black Paint Leica Exhibition

Honoured as the co-curator of the <black paint Leica> exhibition as F11 Foto Museum.Cameras at F11 and Photo exhibition at F22. Don't miss it!

Pandachief 發表於 2018-7-15 12:32:59

The exhibition covered full range of black paint Leica cameras from usual standard models to rarest black paint you can find.It is one of it's kind and I believe the largest ever in Asia.

TerenceYam 發表於 2018-7-18 19:37:58

WOW! A must-go exhibition!

bubu 發表於 2018-7-21 00:14:56


mase 發表於 2018-7-22 00:19:59


Pandachief 發表於 2018-7-25 12:42:07

mase 發表於 2018-7-22 00:19

Thanks for coming!

ukbear 發表於 2018-8-4 16:49:56


redrede 發表於 2018-8-7 10:09:26

Been both, really changed my view on black paint. They even have a cafe @f22 :handshake

Pandachief 發表於 2018-8-10 15:43:11

ukbear 發表於 2018-8-4 16:49

It is open to public and no appointment required.
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