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Nikon New mirrorless system by spring 201

Nikon manager confirms: New mirrorless system coming by spring 2019Published Apr 30, 2018 | Lars Rehm

In an interview with Japanese TV-channel NHK, a Nikon manager has confirmed the company's new mirrorless camera system will be on the market by spring 2019. This is the first time we have given an approximate launch date after Nikon officially confirmed it was developing a new system back in July 2017.Unfortunately, additional details are still scarce. According to the latest rumors, the new lens mount will be called theZ-mount and come with an external diameter of 49mm and a flange focal distance of 16mm.Given the Nikon Director of Development publicly stated that any new Nikon mirrorless system would have to be full-frame, there's good reason to assume the new cameras will indeed feature a full-frame sensor, putting Nikon in direct competition with Sony's A7/A9 series of mirrorless full-frame cameras.

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2019 .............................. :o

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