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“Braving Untold Dangers”, history of war reporting

How Hong Kong was Asia base for war photographers: exhibition shows their work from Vietnam, Korea and Sino-Japanese wars

Before digital media, photographers had to get into war zones, risk their lives to get the shots, then get the photos and reels flown out to the agencies. During the Sino-Japanese, Korean and Vietnam wars, Hong Kong was a popular staging point for these intrepid men, many of whom met with violent Braving Untold DangersPUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 April, 2018, 8:00pm
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, 175 Tung Hei Rd, A Kung Ngam, tel: 2569 1500 Until April 30, 2018

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Thanks for sharing.

My high respect for war photographers!
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