kgv 發表於 2018-2-28 17:29:17

A7iii or A7Riii

Expert advice please !

On paper, the differences in spec seem only three
One in file size 24Mb ve 42 Mb
One in VF resolution, and
One more in LCD resolution

But the price difference is 16K vs 26K ...

Worth the 10K premium ?

Jason 發表於 2018-3-1 01:52:29

i would definitely go for 42mp.

depreciation-wise, 24mp is pretty much an end-of-cycle product. 42mp will still have a few more years to be around.

and more importantly, you will want to invest for the future. now, a 16mp picture look tiny on my 5k monitor. in the future, there will be 8k monitor or even higher resolution. you will want your photos still looking good years later. 10k more is not a bad investment from that perspective.

AND the camera won't get bulkier for the extra pixels.

Chinese-Tee 發表於 2018-3-1 14:20:27

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24mp解像度同42mp可用另外一個方式比較,6k (A73) vs 8k (A7R3), 對我來說,6k已經好足夠,upgrade的話至少有10k才吸引,不過我好少追像素。
影片拍攝大家都是4k,但frame rate是 25p vs 30p. 兩部機的processor是一樣的,可能是Sony刻意將A73降格.
最大分是view finder的解像度,分別是 236mp vs 368mp.

頭文字L 發表於 2018-3-11 10:28:33

A73 too ....

頭文字L 發表於 2018-3-11 16:34:25

What lens will works with A73 ???

photoinsc 發表於 2018-3-16 21:58:40

sony e mount AF lenses....A7R3
manual lenses ........ A7R2
famous manual lenses .......A7R2

jacky930 發表於 2018-3-17 21:57:34

a7r3 with 2470gm, 24105g, 70200gm and 100400gm fast like crazy!!!!
the color rendering is much better than a7r2.

for mounting with old lenses, Leica SL

mk345 發表於 2018-3-18 03:55:21

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mk345 發表於 2018-3-18 04:01:50

Chinese-Tee 發表於 2018-3-1 14:20
24mp解像度同42mp可用另外一個方式比較,6k (A73) vs 8k (A7R3), 對我來說,6k已經好足夠,upg ...


頭文字L 發表於 2018-3-19 07:44:25

消費類別型電子產品,每13個月就要出新款,就算唔出,消費者都已經唔太願意去用day one 口價再買 :$

jacky1980 發表於 2018-5-2 23:03:21


jacky1980 發表於 2018-5-2 23:23:21

MK 星仔,建議零售價17490

pelikan1931 發表於 2018-5-27 22:23:30

i like A9.

pelikan1931 發表於 2018-6-2 11:43:18

pelikan1931 發表於 2018-5-27 22:23
i like A9.

anylens that fits.

Jason 發表於 2018-6-3 02:48:43

I tried out both A7III and A7RIII a few weeks ago to see if I should downgrade to A7III in order to take advantage of the faster focus and much larger AF area features. A7III didn't disappoint me. It focused *really* fast. Facial recognition performance was simply phenomenal. I think it focuses faster than most DSLRs.

Then I tried A7RIII. It is clearly slower than A7III. If A7III can be rated as A+, I would say A7RIII to be A- (while A7RII is B). That said, A7RIII's AF ability is still more than enough for most everyday usages, like portraiture and street photography, but probably not so much for sports.

A7III is really quite remarkable.

edwardkwong 發表於 2018-7-4 20:20:37

A7 II 都想 upgrade,如果只用手動鏡值得?

Chinese-Tee 發表於 2018-7-6 22:14:58

聽說Canon和Nikon在數月內公布full frame mirrorless相機, Nikon更加會在短期內銷售,唔急嘅可以睇下咩料子。

edwardkwong 發表於 2018-7-26 06:41:10

Yes,都係等吓先, 期待
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