ww129 發表於 2017-4-15 22:10:50

New Toy

My second turntable was delivered to me today. I spent the whole afternoon to set it up with a brand new RS Lab A-1 tonearm, which I acquired about 10 years ago, with a supex cartridge. It will definitely take more time and patient to fine tune the combo before arriving at a satisfactory setting. Before then, the Micro Seiki RX5000 combo remains my main music source.


ww129 發表於 2017-4-16 08:59:39

Not only does this tonearm has an unconventional arm tube, but also a rotary headshell :P


十四毛 發表於 2017-4-18 10:22:14

想買Linn LP12

ww129 發表於 2017-4-18 12:52:05

Linn LP12 在弹簧盘中有不错的表现,但调教挺花时间,而且因为弹簧的特性,每间一段时间便需重新调教才能保持良好音效。
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