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R.I.P. Tom Abrahamsson Rapidwinder

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C9.99 發表於 2017-1-10 01:54:48

RIP Tom!

MP101 發表於 2017-1-10 18:58:54

What a tough news to learn ... will be missed. RIP Tom !

smallball 發表於 2017-1-12 07:17:24

keith 發表於 2017-1-12 08:55:27

Rest In Peace

vincecharus 發表於 2017-1-13 22:40:50


shektau 發表於 2017-1-13 23:39:40

very sad news, Ibought a few soft release directly from him just 6 months ago and he was a very nice person. He was moving house at that time and he was still able to find time to send out the package for me.

jomy 發表於 2017-1-17 17:24:23

Very very sad. RIP

C9.99 發表於 2017-1-18 10:17:18


ballgor 發表於 2017-1-19 15:38:39

Very sad news! Rest in Peace!
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