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Huawei P9, a gimmick or not?

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The Huawei P9, co-engineered with Leica, was just launched in London yesterday, with the P9Plus (5.5 in screen only) selling at Euro 750>

Dual-Lens system feeds lights to a 12MP Sony sensor.
These two lenses in the back are Summarit H f/2.2 ASPH.
I wonder if the H means Huawei.
Why two lenses? Reports say one for capturing colour RGB, the other is monochrome for getting greater details.
And the processor will let you choose from 3 Leica-style renderings and a B&W one.
And you can decide your focus afterward...meaning you can play around with the bokeh.

A gimmick or not? Yet to see.
There are good and bad comments of the picture quality in many overseas smartphone sites and fora.
But I am a loyal Huawei fan, so...let's see when I can get one in HK (likely April 16).


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I am waiting for this too

kgv 發表於 2016-4-8 10:29:33

So this "two cameras" is different from those of LG G5,

which you can literally choose from two different lenses, "normal" or "wide angle",
and this feels very practical in daily use

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Thanks for sharing.

The monochrome pictures look good especially the night shots.

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雙鏡頭是用視差測量物體的距離,像RF一樣。當決定了那裡是主體之後,用軟體把dof 以外的東西按遠近作不同程度的2B化,模糊和波波化。唔小心會以為張張0.95影。

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會唔會Panasonic CM10 比較正宗?

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What I do not wish to see finally happens, the P9 is 99% a gimmick.

First, Leica did not invent the twin camera (one colour, one mono) concept.
Second, Leica did not produce the lens but allowed them to be called Summarit (w/H).
Both Huawei and Leica admitted this marketing cheat ONLY after the truth was exposed that this twin lens/sensors was developed and produced by a Chinese firm, Sunny Optical.



redrede 發表於 2016-4-23 15:11:08

Leica new CEO is kinda rubbish at protecting Leica's image, firstly the SL looks like the Sony A7, then now this chinese smartphone, what's next?

Jason 發表於 2016-4-23 15:13:02

The only samples impressed me are those done by Leica.

Many other samples are in fact quite bad.

To call it "Leica," in my view, is just a marketing scam.

kgv 發表於 2016-4-23 16:07:20

But I have great confidence in Huawei borr.
Mate7 has been with me so far working great.

My LG G4 died last week suddenly without warning.
And I find RedMiNote3working better than G4,
And it costs less than 1.5K

I think Chinese made things are catching up quick

kgv 發表於 2016-4-23 18:06:05

I suppose gimmicks are everywhere nowadays, like that ugly "Hassel" ... ;P
Why no western magazine commenting it is crab, or gimmick? ;P

Most important is whether the thing works.

With Mate7, a product some two years back, already functioning that reliably, and
With the "cheap cheap" RedMi Note3 working as smooth as, if not more enjoyable than, LG G4,
I highly suspect that comment that the phone is crab !!!
Let us wait and see ...

About the camera,

Whatever brilliant idea not generated by western people are received with high skepticism,
even more so if it's from the Chineeeeeeese!
Personally I do wish that this turned out to be a huge success ...
Well, that's my personal wish only :)

kgv 發表於 2016-4-23 20:42:04


Could this be viewed as a form of "OEM" ?

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I become a Huawei fan since using a Mate7 for a year or so.
And I don't mind it's a Chinese brand (lesser band in most people's eyes?!)

Particularly, my Mate 7 shoots better picture than my iPhone6+ does.
Proven not just to myself, but even to my wife and friends who are diehards of Apple and Samsung after they see the pictures I toke for them with the Mate7.

The thing I am unhappy with is this marketing scam.
Huawei and Leica sort of cheated us in the first place by strongly implicating the lens is from Leica.

That said, the P9 might still be a great shooting smartphone.
I would not look it down and reject it for its Chinese origin.
But for sure these two companies are dishonest to certain extent, if only once.

kgv 發表於 2016-4-23 22:22:39


I would most likely proceed to P9 when available in HK, unless new information rolling out proving its worse than Nexus ...

And on the issue of honesty, I am more lenient now ... Which company on business doesn't cheat, one way or the other?
Even the German Giant GM cheats nowadays :lol

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kgv 發表於 2016-4-23 20:42

The more I read this joint statement, the more I smell PR crisis recovery.

There's very little substance in every line.
It's all flowery words here and there.

Don't you think this twin camera feature can be "co-engineered" in two to three months from initial development to final production?

OK, Leica could have involved long before they publicly announced the strategic tie.
But why not disclose it in the statement when Leica actually involved?

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http://www.ringhk.com/news2.php?id=12730 B&W is not bad
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