zye 發表於 2015-6-2 00:16:04


好多電影界朋友極力推薦,影象比Mel Gibson果套更上一層樓,CG用量小之又少

davelee 發表於 2015-6-2 01:43:30

I love this movie! every vehicle in the movie is actually driveable, no BS in the plot, no useless explosion, CG, Slow motion. The doof had me so pump when he played the bad a$$ flamer guitar! a must see!! sadly UA cinema in Hong Kong didnt show it.

skha818 發表於 2015-6-2 09:13:13

if I rate this movie 10/10, FF7 or Avengers only worth 3/10!!!!!!!!

C9.99 發表於 2015-6-2 11:06:33


zye 發表於 2015-6-2 12:39:25

The Grand Cinema have different versions including 2D, 3D and Atmos, don't miss it!
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