duncanwong 發表於 2015-5-30 09:52:51

@@@ ALL BLACK Timbuk2 Waterproof Messenger Bag

(in case I posted to a wrong section, please let me know, thank you)

@@@ ALL BLACK Timbuk2 Waterproof Messenger Bag

-strong ballistic nylon with TPU (plastic like) lining, water proof performance
-full of design details(see photos)
-front logo starp can attach bike U-lock
-partition can store notebook/ipad
-front side small pockets with key attach strap, internal also with small pockets
-adjustable main strap with strong shoulder pad
-stablizer short starp
-size M about 21L (rough dimension Width 46/37cm x Height 31cm x Depth 18cm)

Too many bags, need to find a new home :-)
I take good care in using it, just little sign of use

Original price = USD 99 + 35(shipping) = USD 134 = HKD 1045

Now HKD 700

Please pm me
Prefer to trade MON-FRI lunch time in HK Island mtr
If no, need to discuss

duncanwong 發表於 2015-5-30 09:55:25

Photo upload

duncanwong 發表於 2015-5-30 09:56:44

Photo upload 2

duncanwong 發表於 2015-5-30 13:00:45

HKD 600

duncanwong 發表於 2015-6-1 23:57:36

about 97-98% new

bubu 發表於 2015-6-2 00:37:45

Long time no see, Duncan.

Do you still shoot now, or totally devote to running?
I miss your pictures.

duncanwong 發表於 2015-6-2 19:18:20

Bubu 兄


估唔到相機gear 中毒被跑步醫好咗,帶來是成日想買跑步gear, 不過平過leica 嘢好多,一塊filter 可以買一對鞋 :-)

duncanwong 發表於 2015-6-2 19:20:29

Iphone 嘅頂住先

duncanwong 發表於 2015-6-8 10:20:47

update price

HKD 500

duncanwong 發表於 2015-9-3 23:02:17

CLOSE ++++++++++++

duncanwong 發表於 2016-3-2 13:41:14

another new model is on sale here

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